Dragon is expertised on giving sea freight services regularly to the countries of Caspian such as Turkmenistan, Azarbaijan, Kazakhistan, Russia, Iran and is the leader line operator in the region.  8 months a year  (between April and November), every week Dragon provides regular complete or partial sea freight services  from ports in Marmara Sea to ports in Caspian Sea such as Turkmenbashi, Aktau, Baku, Bandar Anzali. Dragon has been founded on the basis of Caspian’s fixed price standards. This model that is used specially on partial shipments, with the reflection of economy of scale to the freight charges, creates an advantage to our clients who have trade business in the region. Dragon manages to keep its leadership on this line by giving regular and stable service, providing minimum deviation ratio in promised transit period and with the experienced team employed in the line’s service units. Our forming of the fleet according to demands, increases our maneuver capabilities and by adapting easily to market conditions, supplies our customers with flexible and competitive solutions.Today, Dragon is in cooperation with the global transporting industrial, construction and energy companies  who are brands in the world. Dragon has become a cognoscible name with its service throughout the Caspian Region.

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