Our chartering company shows an impressive track record of fixtures, especially in highly valued project cargoes,  as from companies’ commercial establishment In every step of the fixture, from commencing negotiations to signing the charter party, we make sure that this is the right cargo, the right vessel, the right freight or hire for our partners and clients.

Our expertise and experience combined with our location makes us one of the leading chartering firms when it comes to fixing any cargo or any vessel anywhere  especially  in the Caspian Sea, Marmara Sea, Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea areas where special trade knowledge is absolutely necessary.  Additionally, we fix handy sizes and supramax bulkers on a worldwide basis.

We differ ourselves from the average chartering desk broker dealing with market figures and the standard terms and clauses of the charter party forms.  We possess an in depth knowledge of  ships and cargoes and this knowledge is essential in chartering as it makes sure that the right contract is drawn, the terms and clauses of the charter party reflect on the cargo and the vessel accurately.  Equally important we use this knowledge when necessary to follow up with loading and discharging procedures, formalities and the sudden and out of office hours incident.

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