Dragon has a long history of service to the oil and gas industry. Spanning the world from the fields of the Middle East and Caspian, Dragon has what it takes to meet the growing global demand for oil and natural gas projects. We have the proven expertise to perform in all facets of the industry in getting material and equipment  to the most remote locations throughout  the globe. Our power and the vessels that we operate provides our customers with the right ship to meet the unique requirements of the job at hand. We, as Dragon, have demonstrated our commitment and ability to exceed customer’s expectations for reliable and safe carriage of their cargo. We offer the Oil and Gas Industry superior choices in the handling of heavy lift and over-dimensional project shipments anywhere in the World.  As the global demand for effective and reliable ocean transportation increases, Dragon offers efficient and quality solutions for the challenges that lay ahead. By anticipating global market trends and frequent communication with our valued customers, we are well equipped to surpass our customers’ needs and expectations.

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