Dragon Transport Solutions offers services in transportation on inner waterways. The rivers transportation takes place are Volga, Don, Neva and Kama. From these rivers the destinations can reach Siberia, Middle Russia and Caspian. The rivers also make it possible to transport between Baltic Sea and Black Sea. These transportations are carried out with 15 different  types of ships changing between 1700 – 4000 dwt and as long as the natural conditions enables river transportation Dragon Transport Solutions offers these services at least 8 months a year. Related inner waterways can be accessed from Mediterranean,  Baltic, Continent, Black Sea, Marmara and Caspian seas. Dragon Transport Solutions provides many advantages to its clients by its services on inner waterways, especially when land or railway transport is costly or the commodities needs to be transported have physical restirictions to be transported by land. Dragon’s team of professionals posesses all the experience and the equipment needed to carry out  the river transportation projects.

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